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the day. thank you. [ inaudible ] number of fatalities? i don't know yet. the fire department is rectifying all that information. >> can you explain why the fbi is the lead agency? >> this is an airport that has federal jurisdiction. we have assets here on board. it's a unified command involving everybody but the investigative lead has been decided to be taken by the fbi. >> is the shooter a federal employee? >> i don't know. >> was he ever? >> i don't know. >> does the fbi know? [ inaudible ] >> not that i'm aware of. >> there were earlier reports of multiple suspects as recently -- [ inaudible ] [ loud airplane-helicopter noise ] >> in a dynamic situation where things unfold so rapidly and many people come in, there is always chaos in any type of event like this. and there's always the -- everybody is always thinking forward as to whether or not there's additional suspects. there is only one know that we know right now as the active shooter in our terminal. i want to follow up a little on what the mayor said. >> a man just in camouflage went in with a rifle and took aim a
for the injured. we just need your help. we don't need pity. >> reporter: u.s. marines are arriving with badly needed supplies for the millions of disaster victims. >> a 15-25-foot wave came across the entire villages here. and so everything is wiped out. >> reporter: witnesses say the damage from friday's deadly typhoon looks more like the aftermath of a tsunami. >> i don't have the words for it. it is really horrific. >> reporter: bodies line the streets. some foreigners are using guns to fight off looters. these american storm chasers became rescuers when the typhoon tore through a hotel. they used the mattresses to help move people. >> tens of thousands are feared dead but the death toll is difficult to track because phone lines are down. a sign of life came today, in one of the hardest hit villages, when a woman gave birth to a baby girl. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. >>> bay area groups are organizing relief efforts to help the victims of the typhoon. and we have more on the donations coming in. mark has more. >> reporter: well, frank, we are at one of those drop-off- site locations to he
are smart. >> going on strike. yeah. i don't blame 'em! >> i'm not eating anything! >> we have a little bit of rain finally. >> nice to see rain returning to the bay area. it's going to be slick on the roads, the commute on the way home may be a little treacherous at time because it hasn't rained much so you get that water on the roadways brings up the oils and you know what happens on the roads sometimes so be careful. that rain making its way further south and you can see all that moisture just off the coastline. it's going to be pushing on in the afternoon for the commute. looking wet into the afternoon. still, you have some pockets of some moderate amounts of rain already sliding into parts of the east bay into oakland right now. we are see a good downpour now. a lot of that making its way up into the hills. back toward the coastline still some more on the way. overlooking san jose, not much there just yet but looking ominous as you look further to the north in the distance. that is going to be sliding in your direction. so we have some more rain heading to the south bay, as well. tempe
to put the riders in jeopardy. we don't want any situation that would jeopardize that. >> reporter: a lot of bart board members we spoke with say they just cannot approve the contract as-is because it could cost $44 million over the four years of the contract. that figure is based on one third of bart employees actually using it, which is unlikely. originally, the whole contract package was worth $76 million. so if they do allow some form of paid family leave, that could certainly up that figure. but the bottom line is neither side is planning on isolating this clause. they are saying this is a whole package deal. it's either up or it's down. if it's down, it is back to the bargaining table and possibly the threat of another strike. we'll keep you posted as they make their decision today. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thank you. >>> suspects in an armed robbery spree yesterday in vallejo are still on the loose. we have new video from the scene. in less than four hours, police say two or three men in hoodies robbed eight victims at gunpoint. two men were held up outside a pep b
. >> i am a truck driver, we drive through snow, sleet, everything. every day. and for me, i don't see why, why it is impacted here? >> the massive storm hitting texas dumped on parts of new mexico and southwest oklahoma. >> there have been hundreds of rollover accidents and hundreds of death. >> the southeast and northeast is facing possible sleet in the next few days. >> to the west, a chance for heavy rainfall. >> back to new york and western pennsylvania. back into ohio. >> that means a mess on the roads during the busiest travel days of the year. >> danielle nottingham. >> dallas. >> this storm system. >> all part of the storm system that came through. >> modify a little bit. and now, latching on to a little moisture. >> you can see as it moves across texas. >> it is a fine line making the cold air to the north. >> bringing with it. some snow. and heavy rainfall to the south. it is going to swing along the eastern seaboard. the busiest travel day of the year. it could be a mess all up and down the coast. >> if you are headed out to sfo, no delays expected there. we are looking at
a look. >> [ bleep ] >> it's extremely embarrassing. i don't know what to say. >> an attorney for mayor rob ford said today he is considering rehab. the city council has asked him to resign from office. >>> more players may be involved in the miami dolphins bullying case. offensive lineman jonathan martin says he was harassed, even attacked physically by multiple teammates. the former stanford player left the team last week, now with his family in california to undergo counseling for emotional issues. dolphins lineman ritchie incognito was suspended by the team after martin singled him out for abusive behavior. >>> the latest jobs report is proof the economy is growing, according to economists. u.s. employers went on an unexpected hiring spree, adding 200,000 jobs. maybe more surprising, it's happening during the 16-day government shutdown. the report also showed employees added 60,000 more jobs in the previous two months than previously expected. >>> here now how stocks are doing on wall street, and it's a good day, up nearly 100 points right now. >>> last year, we introduced you to an
patrol of the license plate, vehicle description and his description. we don't believe he crossed the border at this time. >> reporter: so of police have been unwilling -- so far police have been unwilling to discuss any criminal history he may have had. anne makovec, kpix 5. >>> in less than an hour, san francisco authorities are expected to release details on their investigation into the patient found dead in a hospital stairwell. questions are also being raised about a potential witness being sought in the case. that witness reportedly told a hospital worker that he saw 57- year-old lynne spalding lying in the stairwell days before she was found. an attorney in the case wonders if that man even exists. >>> san jose state university slashing $4 million out of its spring semester budget meaning dozens of classes are being cut in almost every department. students will have a very difficult time now getting classes and if they do get into the classrooms, they will be packed. school officials telling kpix 5 the university has been trying to cut spending for two years. >> this is not
take full responsibility for my mistakes. i don't know what else i can say. >> okay, okay. >> i don't know what else i can say, counselor. >>> the city council is asking for him to step down and he refuses. the council says his erratic behavior has consumed toronto politics. >>> tina turner is waving good- bye to the u.s. for good. turner has filed paperwork in switzerland to relinquish her citizenship in the states. that's according to an activity report from the u.s. embassy. the soul singer has lived in switzerland for nearly 20 years and the report says turner declared she has no strong ties to the u.s. except for family members and that she has no plans to live here in the future. >>> the white house has promised to release enrollment figures for this week and it could happen later today. at the same time, lawmakers are holding another hearing looking into problems with the launch. cbs reporter danielle nottingham has the latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: house lawmakers are probing technical issues that led to the disastrous rollout of >> th
on the website if the two sides don't come to the bargaining table the way to force them to is to vote down the agreement and things will get messy. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> bart's board of supervisors plans on meeting thursday to decide the next step. >>> more news around the bay now. san francisco police are searching for a killer. two women shot inside a car in a parking lot at 6th and jesse streets. that's in the south of market neighborhood. it has around 2 a.m. yesterday morning. one of the women was killed. the victim's name hasn't been released. >>> today marks 35 years since the jonestown massacre in guyana in 1798. cult leader jim jones convinced more than 500 followers to drink poison. a ceremony began at 11:00 this morning at oakland's evergreen cemetery to remember those who died. the victims were members of a cult with roots in san francisco. >>> palo alto expected to consider expanding its outdoor smoking ban when the city council meets tonight. earlier this year, smoking was banned in parks and within 25 feet of building entrances. now some he city council
with confused and angry riders. >> i get up extra early. you don't know with bart what's going to happen. escalator is running. elevators don't run. i mean, computer glitch? oh, well. >> reporter: as bart technicians scrambled to fix a glitch that hauled trains for more than three hours, transit leaders asked for patients. >> we believe this is something that's going to last and continue to keep service running. >> reporter: bart says the computer systems? central control were not communicating with track switches. while bart says it's fixed, riders are demanding more be done. >> why suspect there a backup -- why isn't there a backup? i need to go to work. >> reporter: having endured two strikes and another battle growing between management and the unions, riders say they are losing faith in the transit agency. >> we just went through a bart strike. you would think by now things would be in order. >> reporter: now, amidst the frustration we saw some good. one rider who knew about the delays drove specifically to this bart station to pick up as many stranded passengers or riders as she co
. ,,,,,,,, what workers can legally don they have to work on holida >>> despite the holiday a lot of americans are working today. kiet do explains what workers can legally do when they have to work on holidays. >> next in line. >> reporter: a million retail workers are set to punch into work today and don't have a choice. >> any employee can refuse to work on a holiday that's been designated for them. but the consequences are that the employer can fire them for fusing to come to work. >> reporter: -- refusing to come to work. >> reporter: he says it would count as a missed day, too many of those and you can get fired. the only thing a worker can do now to try to get holidays off is organize into a labor union and start so-called collective bargaining. >> once they collectively get together and bargain with the employer and they say, we want our working conditions this way, then they are covered by the national labor relations act. so that is a protected activity and they have more protections when they collectively get together and say, we don't want to do or we do want to do that. >> reporter
on the phones back there. we want the top tier working, don't we? >> yes. >> come on, top guys. >> okay guys let's hear it. get enthusiasm here. remember the phone number 888-5- help you. >> we've got a new number, a new tally, $95, 108 so far, since 6:00 this morning. >> i'd say we challenge them a little bit and get to the $100,000 mark in the next 10 minutes? >> let's do it. these guys are busy, energy is hopping, it's really great. >> obviously this helps the victims of typhoon haiyan who were just devastated by this storm, it came in quick, came in fast, and completely devastated the town, that was one of the towns now they discussed before the basics. >> everything, the infrastructure is totally shot so what they need is money. they need donations because they know how to spend it and can get the best things to the best places at the best time. >> we've been saying this all morning long. any amount will help out. any amount. even if you're sitting at home and saying all i can donate is $10, $20. >> it helps. it goes a long long way. one of the things about the storm was there was so much r
possibility that worst-case scenario we could be looking at another bart strike? >> uhm, i -- i don't think that's has much potential, but, of course, anything is possible. >> the unions already ratified the contract and in a statement, atu's president said, quote, bart management is attempting to go back on agreements that were part of the final deal. this is unconscionable." >>> the oakland teenager accused of setting a man on fire as he left is on an ac transit bus is due back in court. cate caugiran is at the oakland courthouse with more. cate. >> reporter: 16-year-old richard thomas was in court today as his attorney said there would be no plea today. the family walked out of the quickly and didn't want to comment. thomas' attorney asked the judge that this case be tried in juvenile court. right now, the suspect is charged as an adult with aggravated mayhem, felony assault and a hate crime clause. the attorney says the only plea his client has made is for forgiveness for a prank. >> it was a utterly ill considered nonetheless prank which went terribly wrong. not a hate crime. >> report
to catch them. it is known as one of the most dangerous intersections in san francisco. >> i don't feel very secure in this cross section. >> and just after midnight it was a deadly intersection, san francisco police say a person in a wheelchair was hit by a vehicle while trying to cross in this area. the victim later died at the hospital. >> i hate to say i am not surprised. there has been a number of accidents in the past 3, 4, 5 months. >> they are concerned that drivers are not paying attention to the signs or traffic lights. >> as careful as you can be as a cyclist you are watching to see it is my turn but not going because these guys will hit me, you do the best you can but it is scary. >> according them they had the most accidents of any mainly because they were making illegal or dangerous right turns. we even saw them ignoring the signs. >> i don't feel confident they know what to do. >> this year the mayor released his plan calling for a 50% reduction of collisions by then but not everyone is convinced. >> unfortunately a couple of laws are not going to solve everything but it
a similar suit back in august. >>> you don't have to say no to transfat anymore. that's because the fda is doing it for you. the agency announced today it will require the food industry to gradually phase out the heart-clogging fats. fda says transfats that are found in partially hydrogenated oils are a threat to people's health. new york was the first city to ban the product. >>> unbelievable scenes as flash mobs turned into flash throbs and rumble out of stores with racks of merchandise. what the thieves are targeting. >> another twist in the bullying investigation into an nfl player. why many teammates say they were shocked to hear the accusation. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. a mix of sun and clouds around the bay area now but some cooler temperatures to come and a monster storm hitting the philippines. we'll talk about it coming up. ook at this: the to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial
. >> that is sad. i feel like it isn't right. it is hard. >> we don't know what is causing the rise in these auto/pedestrian fatality, but we are concerned. and we are going to be looking into that. >> now, traffic investigators are handling these incidents. as for the death of the 3-year- old, police say the driver and the pedestrian both had the green light, but the driver was supposed to yield to those crossing the street. reporting live in san jose, kpix5. >>> an almeda county murder case has stopped authorities for decades but this morning they announced two new arrests in the cold case. relief today for family members of 43-year-old steven renger. and authorities announced the arrest of 58-year-old cheryl drays and 58-year-old william devinecini and they are believed to be the suspects responsible for stabbing wrecker to death. >> we look at every case. and things change as a matter of time. and things in 2013 weren't available to us in 2010. and in 1990. things like science changes. >> a motorist found the body near the entrance to a park. >>> and happening today john f.kennedy in fremont
more delayed. >> i don't think i'm ready. but we will see. it's going to be cold. >> reporter: back out live at sfo, take a look at the lines at the security checkpoint getting crowded. call ahead with your airline. check in two hours early. there might be ways to reroute and you don't really want to be doing that if you are pressed for time at the airport. reporting live at sfo, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> cate, thank you. >>> our lawrence karnow is tracking the storm in the weather center. lawrence. >> very wicked storm now just developing on the worst of all days to do so on a major travel day. along the eastern seaboard the storm system has picked up some moisture right out of the gulf and so you can see, working its way up the state there and bringing some very heavy rainfall. on the back side of it, cold enough that we're seeing a mixture of snow, sleet and freezing rain. could see upwards of almost a foot of snow toward buffalo and there's more rain and snow on the way. delays if you are heading toward the eastern seaboard in many places partly cloudy though at sfo though right now
curfew yes. >> i'm 20 if i want to go out i'm going to go out whether my mom tells me to or not. i don't think it's going to make a difference. >> reporter: critics of the curfew idea say it leaves anything from racial profiling. they also say it has no effect on youth crime. and michelle they also are are concerned it could be pulling resources from police officers that could be working on other crimes. >> right and they're limited right now anyway. mark, what would be the potential penalties for breaking that curfew? >> reporter: well, wide range of things michelle is. it could be anything from jail time to a fine to simply doing community service. but of course this is all in the talking phase right now. we're going to have to see what comes out at tonight's committee. >> all right mark kelly live in oakland. thank you. >>> two people had to jump from a balcony to escape an early morning fire that fire started in downstairs apartment on whit map street and heyward. flames spread through the unit up above two people in that upper unit became trapped. they had to jump to safety. 15 pe
we should get some rain. it's fine. just don't get in car accidents. >> reporter: some people did. we saw gridlock on the roadways, several early-morning accidents due to slick roads causing major backups on the freeways. brad was looking forward to california sun. you're coming in from out of town from atlanta. >> expecting nice weather, you know. but it was not good. >> reporter: as lawrence said we might see breaks here and there but showers are expected to linger throughout the day so it's a good thing to keep your umbrella handy. live on the embarcadero, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you, cate. >>> storm brought some snow though to the high sierra. something ski resorts are mighty happy about. several resorts open up friday for the holiday coming up. the snow is coming a little later than usual this fall and resorts have had to make a lot of their own snow leading up to this storm. >>> of course you can track the storm anytime with our interactive hi-def doppler radar. just go to our website, >>> the president award the nation's highest civilian honor to 16 pe
spinach first because i don't want to heat up the radicchio that much because it has a nice bitter flavor that i want to keep. >> we have the spinach in there which cooks for 20, 30 seconds and that's all. it starts to wilt. then you can't stop it once you heat it up. now we are going to add the radicchio in there. we'll have the smaller piece. perfect. now we are going to plate. and there we go. >> look at that pasta. >> finish with pasta, radicchio and a little bit of cheese on top. love cheese on vegs substantials. there you go. that looks so good. cool and vibrant. beautiful shot, time to eat. ciao, everybody. >>> coming up next, a cautionary team about a burglar picking the wrong woman to rob. >> and a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, just call our hotline at, 888-5- helps-u. volunteers are there right now. to [ male announcer ] step one, prepare for triumph. step two, baconated cheese for awesome. step three, get ready to wow. step four... mmmmm. ♪ [ male announcer ] pillsbury crescents. make the holidays pop. he loves me. he loves me not. he loves me. he loves
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